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Novalight Single-Max Searchlights 
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Novalight Single-Max Searchlight

This 4000 Watt Lighting System Can Attract Attention From 5 To 7 Miles Away.*

The powerful hyper-white light has a rotating lens that makes a 20 degree circle in the sky. You can even adjust the rotation speed.
This system requires 220 volt electricity and can be easily operated from a generator.

Click here for larger photos of searchlights in use.

Click Picture to View an Enlargement

Click here to view a video of this searchlight in action.
(Windows Media Player)

  • Beam Angle Rotation= 20°
  • Waterproof

HTI 4000

Dimensions & Weight
33.8 x33.5 x37.75 in.
198 lbs.

220 Volt Model  $6695.00
Replacement Bulb  $1530.00 Quantity:

Please let us know if you have any questions about this product, or if you would like any assistance placing an order.
Call 800-859-1975 or email

Click here for larger photos of searchlights in use.

*This is a projector for outdoor use. It is visible from 10-15 Km. With a patented rotating system and the use of a 4000W discharge lamp. It produces a very powerful and concentrated beam moving in a circular motion, with a fixed opening angle of 20 degree. It is also possible to regulate the rotation speed gradually.

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Electrical specs, sizes, replacement bulbs, etc.

Click here for larger photos of searchlights in use. Click here for larger photos of searchlights in use. Click here for larger photos of searchlights in use.
Click any image to view a larger version.

*Searchlight Disclaimer
We have stated to the best of our capability the potential of these lights. AI, Inc. will not be legally or otherwise held to the illumination distances. Our testing shows these distances to be correct under the circumstances that they were tested under. Distance by which they can be seen can vary. This depends on the environment in which they are used. There are several factors (area lighting, whether, street lights, etc.) that can contribute to these lights illumination capabilities.  AI, Inc. takes no responsibility for any issues relating to their illumination capabilities.

There is no returns on search lights. Once a search light is received and illuminated it may not be returned. AI, Inc. may choose to allow a return if another product is to be purchased in replacement. This approval will be done in writing by AI, Inc.  Click Terms & Conditions for the complete Terms & Conditions for American Imprints, Inc.

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